Welcome to Jiangsu Fuda Special Steel Co. Ltd

???????Founded by President Bingfu Gu in 1990 and nowadays becoming a professional manufacturer of high speed steel, Jiangsu Fuda Special Steel Co. Ltd (Fuda) is headquartered in Yangzhong City, Jiangsu Province, China. Yangzhong, which is the second largest island in the Yangtze River, is located in the north wing of the Yangtze River Delta. We have Yangzhou City, Changzhou City, Zhenjiang City, Taizhou City next door. From Fuda, it spends 1.5 hour to drive to Nanjing City and 2.5 hours to drive to Shanghai City, and excellent location lays the foundation for the development of Fuda.

???????At present, there are 387 employees in Fuda, including 32 professional senior engineers and 11 expert-level advisors. Fuda takes up an area of 150,000 square meters and possesses fixed assets of RMB 320 million, and Fuda accomplished an output value of RMB 600 million in 2011, becoming one of the leading manufacturers of high speed steel in China.

???????Since established, Fuda always has a clear and accurate position and fulfills our role as the strong backing for the customers. Invariably, we focus on our own areas, therefore we can become a professional supplier which can provide integrated raw materials for the tool manufacturers. Led by the win-win concept, Fuda has been widely recognized by tool manufacturing industry in China. Fuda has built itself to be the strategic partner and a stable raw material supplying base of many Chinese key tool manufacturing enterprises, such as Shanghai Tool Works Co. Ltd, Chengdu Chengliang Co. Ltd, Shaanxi Guanzhong Tool Manufacturing Co. Ltd and Harbin No. 1 Tool Manufacturing Co. Ltd. In recent years, Fuda has also made progress in developing overseas business. For instance, Fuda has been certificated by Samsung, LG and Sandvik as an approved supplier. Trademark “FD” registered by Fuda is one of the famous trademarks of Jiangsu Province in China and “FD” brand high speed steel owns its title of Name Brand Product in Jiangsu Province. While persisting in producing high-quality high speed steel, Fuda endeavors to promote service quality. Currently, we are building a supplying base of blanks for tools, and we have been able to provide blanks for milling cutters, threading cutters and gear cutters.

???????Over the past two decades or more, Fuda always believes in the creed of “Self Discipline and Social Commitment”. Fuda’s aim is to build itself to be a leading world-class enterprise specialized in high speed steel manufacturing by 2020. In order to achieve the target, we will pay great attention to the introduction of talent persons, technology and management, and also the ideology of providing best service. Fuda is bringing more mutual benefits and making greater contributions for the tool manufacturing industry.