Jiangsu fuda Special Steel Co. Ltd has concentrated on the production and research of high speed steel for more than 20 years. Currently, we employ EAF (Electric Arc Furnace), LF (Ladle Furnace) and ESR (Electro Slag Remelting) to produce high speed steel according to our rigorous process. Therefore, the quality of our products is in the forefront of the industry. Fuda can provide a full range of steel grades including M2, M2Al, M35, M42, etc. And our products cover several serials such as hot-rolled bar, cold-drawn bar, forged bar, peeled bar, etc. Furthermore, we can develop new products to meet our customers’ needs.

While persisting in producing high-quality high speed steel, Fuda endeavors to promote service quality. Now we are building a supplying base of blanks for tools and we have been able to provide blanks for milling cutters, threading cutters and gear cutters.

High speed steel products

Round bar

Square bar

Flat Bar

Flat bar for vane

Hexagon bar

Blank for tool products